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Essential Features

Questionnaire Design

Design a questionnaire with traditional and social network specific questions.

Data Collection

Send out questionnaires directly to the respondents or get a list of links to the surveys. Note: only accessible on paid plans.


Easily analyze and visualize the social network and the answers you receive.


You can learn about social network analysis with our data examples before you collect data yourself.


Can I use it on my Mac or PC?

Yes, you can use it on both. The application is web-based meaning that you'll always have access to the newest version through your browser and that you can log into your account from any computer.

Can I use my own data?

Yes, with a Pro account you can import data that you've collected already. There's a guide on doing so available here. If you require data from other data sources (e.g., emails or databases), we are also able to help you in this regard.