A Tool for Business Professionals

Historically, only specialized analysts and academics have conducted social network analyses. There are three reasons for this: i) SNA is still relatively new to organizations, ii) very large studies are comprehensive and difficult to analyze and iii) available software packages are made with academics/researchers in mind.

Socilyzer changes that.

Socilyzer is made for managers and consultants, so rather than giving you all imaginable graph calculations it will just give the most important ones. Measurements that are easy to understand, explain and act upon.

The whole idea is to enable business professionals to conduct their own organizational network studies and provide a tool that anyone can use to improve their own organizations.

Small, frequent or very specific organizational studies also become economically feasible when highly specialized consultants do not need to be involved.

In Socilyzer, modules for questionnaire design, data collection and analysis are all included rather than being split into several different applications. This speeds up the time it takes to conduct a study and ensures high quality data. Curious users also have the opportunity to export files that can be used in academic software packages.


Data Collection


The Jargon