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Why Social Network Analysis?

Effectively managed collaboration and communication is the key to organizational success.

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Analyze and Understand

Group-Level Collaboration

Get an overview of the collaboration within and between groups such as geographical units, project teams, and business units.

Clusters and Silos

Identify close-knit groups and organizational silos within your organization - and the individuals who tie them together.

Organizational Characteristics

Characterize your organization with regards to being fragmented or centralized and general level of collaboration for knowledge sharing, innovation, communication, and collaboration.

Key Network Roles

Find individual connectors, bridge builders, bottlenecks, and influencers within your organizational network.

New to Social Network Analysis?
Read Introduction to Social Network Analysis

Case Study

Unilever and
Silverman Research

Unilever Procurement was looking at how they could improve cross-regional collaboration. To help them they commissioned Silverman Research.

The outcome was insights into regional integration, identification of central employees and lists of mutually desired communication. Read the case

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