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Study how individuals and groups collaborate with this social network analysis tool.

Why Social Network Analysis?

To get an overview of the 210 possible connections
there are between your 15 colleagues.

Data Sources

Online Surveys

A survey is the easiest and most popular way to collect social network data.

Raw Network Data

Pro-users can copy-paste in matrices or import data as edgelists. Learn how

Collaboration Platform

Paying users can analyze how colleagues use the Podio platform. Learn more

Unveil the Inner Workings
of Your Organization



New to Social Network Analysis?
Read Introduction to Social Network Analysis

Case Study

Unilever and
Silverman Research

Unilever Procurement was looking at how they could improve cross-regional collaboration. To help them they commissioned Silverman Research.

The outcome was insights into regional integration, identification of central employees and lists of mutually desired communication. Read the case

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